[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (2024)

What adventures lie in wait within your campaign?

Have you ever gotten to your D&D table, snacks and dice in hand, only to hear your DM say the words “and now you all have some downtime in town, what would you like to do”?For some players, such a statement can be extremely disappointing. We want adventure and excitement after all! But the good news is that downtime doesn’t mean a boring time, and that’s where side quests come into play.Side quests offer a lot of opportunities for a party to bond and grow closer together outside the main plot. Here are 10 of the very best quests that are amazing to plug into any D&D session.

10. Druids and Dragons (Best for level 3-4 adventurers)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (1)

Possibly one of the best combinations out there.

For those who love anything dragon-related , this quest is definitely for you!To begin, you as an adventurer visit a small town known as Dragonstead. There, along with your companions, you run into a 60-year-old copper dragon who owns the local tavern known as the Green Dragon.Although it seems a bit odd for a dragon to own a tavern, you all ignore it and chat with him about what’s going on in town. He tells you that for quite some time now, a group of pesky druids has been attacking Dragonstead, causing all sorts of trouble and injuring guards along the way!Out of the goodness of your hearts, you agree to set out todiscover just what is causing the druids to act this way and, better yet, how to stop them.But stay on your toes. There’s a dark secret about this situation. One that the copper dragon would do anything to keep you from finding out.Are the druids to blame, or is there something more sinister going on behind the scenes? It’s your job to find out!

What Makes Druids and Dragons fun:

  • Mystery and problem solving that make for great RP experiences
  • Opportunity for combat that allows players to potentially level up
  • Interesting Dragon Lore and the opportunity to interact with a magical creature
  • Reward opportunities that range from gold to special armor

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Druids_and_Dragons_(5e_Quest)

9. The Lost Huntress (Best for Leveling Up)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (2)

Follow the tracks and discover the truth.

Who doesn’t love a good damsel in distress plot, am I right?This quest is a great leveling-up opportunity for adventurers of all levels. Initially, you as a party have been spending some time in town where local gossip has whispered tales of an unsavory band of Huntresses.You’ve heard that this particular group is a small gathering of women who have come to the area to kill a nasty beast. Unfortunately, things haven’t gone all that well for them, and one of their own has been captured by the rumored monster!Folks around town don’t seem to believe the Huntresses’ story and in fact, have it in their heads that the women themselves are to blame for bringing the monster here in the first place.Of course, this is no concern of yours. At least it wasn’t until you witness one of these very women tossed from a tavern, looking distressed and beaten up. When you go and talk with her, you learn that she and the rest of her group have run out of money and out of ideas. They are in desperate need of someone to help them find their lost sister and bring down their foe.And now you have to make a difficult choice. Do you help the Huntresses find their companion and kill the beast, or do you help the townspeople by running out the band of women? Perhaps you kill two birds with one stone and figure out a way to do both. Either way, the choice is up to you!

What Makes The Lost Huntress fun:

  • An exciting level boosting opportunity involving conspiracy
  • A mysterious battle encounter with a great beast
  • Worldbuilding experience through forming allies (either with townspeople or Huntresses)
  • Rewards ranging from advancing a level to potential gifts

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/The_Lost_Huntress_(5e_Quest)

8. Castle Blackmire (Best for Combat)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (3)

Don't get lost in the darkness...true evil lurks within.

Your table is demanding more combat. So what do you give them? A quest in Castle Blackmire!The tale of this castle is a thrilling one as people living in the area talk about how the halls are forever cursed by an evil vampire.Although the vampire has actually been gone for years, cursed beings still camp within the walls, and children of the village get a thrill out of challenging each other to stay the night for as long as they can.This uncanny coming of age ceremony is distressing to the parents of these kids, and they need help protecting the children!Whether your party wants to partake in the coming of age ceremony themselves or simply check out the castle to see what the fuss is all about, this event is full of heart-racing surprises that will keep any player on their toes.Explore the many different levels of the castle to find treasure and mystery beyond your wildest dreams; but beware, those who stay too long within Castle Blackmire’s walls may begin to lose their way.And whatever you do, don’t take anything that belongs to the castle itself...or you’ll wish you’d never stepped foot onto the castle grounds.

What Makes Castle Blackmire fun:

  • Multiple opportunities for exciting combat with different creatures
  • Opportunity to solve mysteries and discover treasure
  • More challenges arrive the longer your group stays within the castle
  • Rewards range from gems and gold to rare items

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Castle_Blackmire_(5e_Quest)

7. Gate to the Past (Best for Small Parties at Level 18)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (4)

If you could change the past, would you?

Marty McFly would be proud of this quest! If you have a group of 4 players, you’ll definitely want to consider Gate to the Past.Why? Because thanks to a strange gem, a cryptic scroll with instructions on how to repair a magical staff, and a long-lost temple, this quest has the potential to keep any D&D game rolling!To begin, you and your party set out to find a forgotten temple. You search far and wide, relying on whispered myths and magic alone until finally, you stumble across its location. Isolated and away from anything familiar, the elegant temple seems both enchanting and eerie. But things only get more intense once inside the walls.A beautiful priestess guards this great temple. She offers to help your party cross realms with her seven gates to repair the magical staff you have in your possession. However, a donation must be made. If your party decides to donate, the priestess opens each of the seven gates in turn, allowing you to choose which one you’ll enter first .But be careful! Once you enter a gate, you only have a certain amount of time to successfully find the staff piece hidden within. If you don’t meet that time requirement, certain events from the past can be undone, dooming the present that you know and love!Oh, and I would advise you to be generous with your donation. After all, the priestess is the only one who knows how much time is allowed within each gate. And that’s vital information when it comes to either succeeding or failing!

What Makes Gate to the Past fun:

  • Time travel and the thrill of keeping the present time undisturbed
  • Seven different areas with varying puzzles and/or combat opportunities
  • Excellent chance to explore the lore of your world
  • Rewards range from gold and other treasures to completing the magical staff

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Gate_to_the_Past_(5e_Quest)

6. World of Merlin (Best for Comic Relief)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (5)

One Merlin, two Merlyns...how many are there?

Do you remember how Alice fell down the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland? Ok, now combine that with Merlin from Camelot and you have this quest!I know that may sound a little odd but stay with me here. The World of Merlin is a great quest for those parties who want a little bit of comedy and a chance to explore a unique world outside of their own.You’ve been falling for what seems like forever. Or at least a few days! Suddenly, out of nowhere, you and your party land unharmed in a huge wheatfield. It stretches on as far as the eye can see and not a single other person or sign of civilization is in sight.That is until you notice him. An old farmer makes his way through the wheat and introduces himself as Merlin. He is curious about where you’re from and asks if you need a place to stay for the night.What happens next depends on who’s in your party!

  • If your group is mostly spellcasters, Merlin will suggest that you head into the nearby village (which you can now see far off in the distance) and ask for the wizard Merlyn at the shop Mage-Mart. Farmer Merlin assures you that this wizard has no relation to him and will be able to help guide you back to your world.
  • If your group has a warlock present, farmer Merlin will hide and refuse to help you. You have no idea why!
  • If your party is mostly made up of fighters or other non-spellcasters, farmer Merlin will offer to hire you to help him carry his goods into town (where you just happen to run into wizard Merlyn). This allows you to earn some gold!

Once you reach the town, you’ll have the opportunity to meet interesting individuals like the Sand-witch (yes, her name is actually based on a type of food), explore the Mage-mart for magical items, and interact with the mad wizard Merlyn.Get ready for some good laughs and fun times with this quest. You can either stay for a while or return to your world right away; but regardless of how long you stay, there’s no doubt it will be an exciting time.

What Makes World of Merlin fun:

  • Eccentric characters that create unique RP experiences
  • A chance to explore a smaller world inside your main world
  • Unique quest experiences like helping Merlyn recover a decanter of endless water from the Sand-witch
  • Rewards ranging from gold to random magic items

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/World_of_Merlin_(5e_Quest)

5. Trouble at the Watering Hole (Best for Beginners)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (6)

Toss a coin and make a wish!

You’re a new party looking for adventure! As you make your way into a nearby town, you notice a small gathering of people standing off to the side of what looks to be a well. After chatting with the group of villagers, you learn that the town is troubled because some snakes have taken over their water source.After thinking it over for a while, you and your group decide to help the townspeople in getting rid of the snakes!Whether it’s for personal gain or out of the goodness of your hearts, that doesn’t matter; all that’s important is that those pesky snakes will be taken care of.There will definitely be a reward available in exchange for your service, but don’t move too fast! The snakes are poisonous and will attack anyone within 10 feet of the well. You’ll need to work together and use your smarts to make it out of this situation bite-free.

What Makes Trouble at the Watering Hole fun:

  • A great beginners quest that allows some combat and opportunities for players to get to know each other
  • There is little to lose in this quest which makes it low risk and low stress
  • Depending on the players’ actions, the plot of the story may be changed if a local druid takes note of how they treat the snakes
  • Rewards range from gold to free room and board at the local inn

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Trouble_at_the_Watering_Hole_(5e_Quest)

4. Troll Bridge Ambush (Best for Something Simple)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (7)

Careful where you step, who knows what's lurking down below.

I’m sure everyone has heard the classic fairytale story about a troll under the bridge. The Troll Bridge Ambush is exactly like the tale we know and love, and while it’s kind of familiar, it still offers a really fun in-character experience for everyone to enjoy.If you don’t have a high enough perception, the troll won’t be noticed until it’s too late. Failure to perceive the troll will trigger a trap on the bridge that brings out everyone’s favorite D&D baddies—goblins.Of course, this interaction will wake the troll and you’ll be trapped from behind, left to fight both troll and goblins before you can continue on your journey.If your party notices the troll, however, you’ve got a bit more wiggle room. You can either:

  • Try to fight the troll and cross the bridge free of charge, or
  • Pay a toll to the troll to cross without violence
  • Don’t feel like doing either of those things? Well, you can always try to swim across the river!

What Makes Troll Bridge Ambush fun:

  • A classic fairytale store brought into the marvelous world of D&D
  • Multiple RP options that range from stealth to combat
  • Mid-level difficulty with low risk, making the perfect flexible adventure for any campaign
  • Rewards are completely up to the DM and can range from hidden treasures to a level up

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Troll_Bridge_Ambush_(5e_Quest)

3. Pilgrimage Escort (Best for Levels 6-8)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (8)

On the road again!

What do you do after a long day of exploring and fighting monsters? Head to the pub of course!As you and your party are taking a well-deserved rest at a busy pub, you take note of just how many people seem to be in and out at this hour. It seems a bit odd since you’ve heard that things are usually quiet around this time.The most talkative of your group asks around and learns that the Pilgrimage is taking place at the time of your visit.You learn that aPilgrimage is an event that happens every 10 years or so. During this event, a religious group of pilgrims from another country travel through to their next place of worship. Usually, things go without a hitch and it can be a great economical boost for the town.Just as you and your group are about to get back to your dinner, one of the pilgrims bursts through the tavern door!He looks disheveled and alarmed, which may or may not cause you to jump up in anticipation. Without even having to ask, the pilgrim starts yelling about how someone in their group has had a vision of trouble lurking ahead of them, and they need protection from a band of willing warriors.Will you decide to help?If so, this quest is full of mystery, deceit, danger, and more! While there are many different paths this quest can follow, one of the primary concerns is a rumor amongst the Pilgrimage. Someone is plotting to do away with the Pilgrimage entirely and steal away the young maidens in the group.It is your job to seek out the truth and stop whoever may be behind this evil plan, all while getting the travelers of the Pilgrimage to their destination safely. Are you up to the challenge?

What Makes Pilgrimage Escort fun:

  • Deep storytelling that involves solving a mystery
  • Hazardous travel that requires puzzle-solving and combat skills
  • Opportunity for leveling up
  • Rewards are not promised but can be possible, ranging from gaining a level to gold or special items

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Pilgrimage_Escort_(5e_Quest)

2. Catacombs of the Cold Legion (Best for Level 2-3)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (9)

Don't let Jack Frost get your nose...or in this case, the Cold Legion.

Long ago, a great group of warriors known as the Cold Legion tore across the land, finally ending their chaos in a massive battle with the dwarves.While the dwarves came out of this battle successfully, the damage left behind was great and resulted in the evil being sealed within an icy catacomb prison. The dwarves seemed confident that this prison would stand the test of time and hold onto the Cold Legion forever.However, we know that even the most confident can be proved wrong.The ice is beginning to melt, and you’ve heard that the threat of the Cold Legion escaping is greater now than it has ever been! To stop this evil from emerging into the world again, a brave party is needed to take the Ice chi (an arcane orb of great power) into the heart of the frozen dungeon.Doing so will trigger a powerful spell of Everice, which will solidify the ice prison and keep the Cold Legion from escaping. It won’t be an easy task, however. The frozen catacombs are riddled with hallways, rooms, and dangers lurking around each corner.Will you brave the cold to save the world and discover great treasure? Or will you die trying? Find out in the Catacombs of the Cold Legion quest!!

What Makes Catacombs of the Cold Legion fun:

  • A massive dungeon with multiple rooms containing combat and treasure
  • An awesome opportunity to dive into the lore of the world and discover interesting facts
  • Multiple combat opportunities can provide the chance to level up
  • Rewards range from rare items to amazing treasures

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Catacombs_of_the_Cold_Legion_(5e_Quest)

1. Jotenheim Campaign (Best for Small Group at Level 20)

[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (10)

Into the thick of war, we must charge headfirst.

Your travels have brought you far and wide. You’ve gained incredible experience and are considered experts in your craft. Perhaps you have even earned fame because of your accomplishments!But now, you’ve made it back to your home city. Surrounded by friends, you all decide to rest at a local tavern and talk about what to do next. Perhaps retire? Go on another adventure to see what’s in store? The options are limitless and no one seems to be too rushed to pick the next task.That is until suddenly, a tired and worn gnome makes itsway into the tavern. And recognizes you.From that moment on, you find yourselves heading towards the Frost Giant lair. A place that you’ve only heard rumors of. The gnome who enlisted your help fills you in on all the details.King Tholak and his Frost Giants have been planning to overthrow the land. If this wasn’t bad enough, it is also possible that the Fire Giants may also try to make a move to counter the Frost Giants while they’re distracted!It’s easy to see the importance of stopping the Frost Giants’ advance before things get out of hand. Otherwise, the world could be thrown into a massive battle of fire and ice.Your DM will have the greatest impact on how the Jotenheim Campaign turns out as the possibilities are limitless.Will you overcome the Frost Giants? Will you turn them to your side to chill the flames of the Fire Giants? This multi-level quest will keep your campaign on its toes and make it one to remember forever!

What Makes the Jotenheim Campaign fun:

  • Sandbox capabilities allow a lot of room for the DM to make the quest their own
  • High stakes and massive combat opportunities make for a thrilling journey
  • Multi-level (3 parts) meaning that there are hours of fun to be had all within one massive quest
  • Rewards range greatly from gold, treasure, magic items, alliances, and more

Quest details: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Jotenheim_Campaign_(5e_Quest)

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[Top 10] D&D Best Quests That Are Amazing (2024)


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