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Juan Carlos López

Southern California:East Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego County, Coachella Valley andImperial Valley

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (1)Hometown:Los Angeles

Major in college:History/Education

Fun fact about me:I like to read historical novels on my free time.

Why I love UC Merced:UC Merced is a great place for opportunities to conduct research and connect with innovators, creators and thinkers.It is a place for students to grow, flourish and meet their career outcomes. Most of all, UC Merced is a place to call home away from home; the faculty, administrators and staff members make everyone who steps on the campus a family member. In the heart of California, UC Merced is a tranquil place to study with the awesome sight of the mountains of Yosemite.

Phone:(209) 382-4045

Kaitlyn Lopez

North Central Valley, California:Calaveras, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Tuolumne counties

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (2)

Hometown: Merced, CA

Major in college: B.A., Sociology

Fun fact about me: When I'm not working, I enjoy reading, musical theater and Disney.

Why I love UC Merced:UC Merced was established to expand access to the UC system for students throughout the state, and more specifically increase college-going rates among students in the San Joaquin Valley. The campus continues to transform the region economically, academically and environmentally. As a Merced native, I’ve taken pride in watching the campus expand and transform the lives of our dedicated students and community members.

Phone:(559) 824-7481

Timothy Ford

Northern California: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, Sacramento, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Solano and Sonoma

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (3)Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

Major in college: Theatre with a Dance emphasis

Fun fact about me: I am actively involved in musical theatre when I'm not traveling for work. I also won Lip Sync Battle on a recent cruise to Mexico.

Why I love UC Merced: UC Merced is committed to creating and fostering a community of diverse students, faculty and staff. Our students are able to learn and achieve success in a small intimate setting similar to a private school, with the prestige and resources that comes with being a member of The University of California. Along with that comes the fact that our students continue to play a key role in pioneering and shaping our university’s growth for future generations to experience and enjoy. There is a lot of pride in UC Merced and its anticipated growth from the community at large.

Phone:(209) 201-2980

Alyssa Arteaga

Northern California

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (4)

Hometown:Modesto, CA

Major in college:B.A. Child & Adolescent Development; Minor in Counseling

Fun fact about me:I love spending time with my cat and trying new foods!

Why I love UC Merced:UC Merced gives students the chance to learn and research in a diverse community that fosters personal and academic growth with plenty of opportunities to network! Staff, professors, and all students at UC Merced believe in every student to succeed in all aspects of life and are very encouraging to help each individual achieve their goals.


Sandra Pina

The Valley

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (5)

Hometown:Orosi, CA

Major in college:B.A. Education Science & Chicano Latino Studies

Fun fact about me:I love to travel when given the opportunity when I’m not you can catch me sipping some coffee and spending time with my dog.

Why I love UC Merced:I chose UC Merced because as a Central Valley native I really admire the university’s commitment to provide distinctive undergraduate and graduate university experience to local students in nearby communities. Also, when I first stepped onto campus I immediately felt welcomed into the bobcat family making me feel like home!


Diversity Engagement and Transfer Initiative Programs

Speak with our engagement and admissions advisors to get assistance in learning about our diversity programs and/or transferring to UC Merced.

Marve Eggleston

African American / Black Recruitment & Outreach Specialist

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (6)Hometown: Union City, CA

Major in college: Political Science

Fun fact about me: I enjoy watching wildlife shows and visiting historial landmarks

Why I love UC Merced: UC Merced, the newest campus in the UC System, provides a unique sense of community, generally associated with a smaller college/university. There are many Educational Opportunities for all students who qualify, including (First-Generation, Low-Income, and Traditionally Underrepresented). The dedicated Faculty and Staff embrace the challenge of providing the educational services necessary for our students to succeed. It’s usually a pleasant surprise to find an institution that can check the boxes to become your new home away from home. Welcome to UC Merced!


(209) 658-3158


Amanda Putnam

Native / Indigenous Recruitment & Outreach Specialist

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (7)Hometown: Ceres, CA

Major in college: Sociology with a minor in History

Fun fact about me: I love thrifting and going to estate sales to find secondhand treasures and give them a new life!

Why I love UC Merced: The first thing that drew me to UC Merced was the people! Everyone I interacted with was personable and kind. Once I visited the campus, I was impressed by the modern architecture and beautiful campus.

Phone:(209) 308-9712

Jessica Teran Salazar

Student Ambassador Coordinator
Interested in having UC Merced students attend your school's college fair or special events? Request a student ambassador to present on UC Merced or share their college experience.

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (8)Hometown: Ontario, CA

Major in college: Psychology

Fun fact about me: I love Taylor Swift and we share birthdays!

Why I love UC Merced: I love UC Merced because the staff and students are friendly and approachable. I started my undergrad at UC Merced years ago and stayed to be a staff member because of all the welcoming community. great things!

Phone:(209) 201-7251

Marceny Martinez

Admissions Transfer Advisor

Northern Central Valley:Stanislaus County, San Joaquin County, Tuolumne County, and Sacramento County

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (9)Hometown: Modesto, CA

Major in college: Sociology

Fun fact about me: I love coffee!

Why I love UC Merced: I love UC Merced because it's close to home. UC Merced is a place where students from all backgrounds have the opportunity to achieve great things!

Phone:(209) 205-0933

Marita Jimenez

Merced Promise Transfer Advisor

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (10)Hometown:Dos Palos

Major in college:B.S Society & Environment, B.A Legal Studies

Fun fact about me:I am obsessed with Monarch butterflies since they serve as a symbol of my parent’s migration journey. My parents immigrated fromMichoacán, Mexico where the Monarch butterflies migrates to every winter from the U.S and Canada.

Why I love UC Merced: Being born and raised in the Central Valley, nothing brings me more joy than giving back to my community. Working for UC Merced allows me the opportunity to do that all while staying close to my own family.


BS to MD Pathway


Admissions Advisor, SJV PRIME+ BS/MD Pathway

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (11)Hometown:military family, moved around a lot, but mainly California

Major in college: Meteorology BS, MBA, MA. Ed.

Fun fact about me:I love watching poetry slams and riding my bike with my dog, Misha. I get obsessed with design stuff or how things are designed. Current obsession: camper vans.

Why I love UC Merced:Since arriving at UC Merced, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. Geographically, many may question how removed or isolated it may be to other bigger cities, but it’s the people on campus that make it more close, intimate, and community-focused.


International Advisor

Mandy Enghar Loh

International Admissions Advisor

Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (12)Hometown:Singapore

Major in college: Banking and Finance B.S.

Fun fact about me:I’m a world traveler and have been to 80 different countries and counting!

Why I love UC Merced:UC Merced’s tight-knit community easily makes any student feel like they are right at home. I cherish the opportunity to interact with students from diverse backgrounds, bringing together a rich melting pot of cultures, ideas and perspectives while seeing them being supported and encouraged to thrive.

Phone:(209) 201-2676 (WhatsApp)

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Speak with an Advisor | Undergraduate Admissions (2024)


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