Canvas Launching Spring 2024 (2024)

Canvas Launching Spring 2024

USD Students

We are excited to inform you that starting in the Spring 2024 semester, USD will transition from Blackboard to the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas is a user-friendly tool which will enhance your educational experience and will provide you with improved access to course materials, resources, and communication tools. To ensure a smooth transition, please read the information below:

Canvas Login Instructions:

  1. URL: visit from any web browser
  2. Username: your USDOne login username
  3. Password: USDOne login password (followed by Duo Mobile security authentication)

Accessing Your Courses in Canvas:

  • Click on the Courses icon on the blue navigation menu to view the Spring 2024 semester courses that you are enrolled in (enrollments are synced through Banner every few hours so recent course changes may have a 4-5 hour delay).
  • Note that you will have access to Spring 2024 courses as early as 5 days before their start date (but only after the instructor publishes the course in Canvas).

Self-guided Resources:

  • If you’re new to Canvas, watch this Canvas Overview video (3 minutes; Closed Captioned) to get started on navigating Canvas.
  • Access additional Canvas Getting Started Videos to learn more.
  • Visit USD’s Canvas Student Resources page for answers to your FAQs and links to resources.
  • Bookmark the Canvas Student Guide: Canvas’ topics-based website has numerous questions and answers for students. You can learn everything from submitting assignments to setting up your notifications.

Important Dates:

  • Intersession ‘24 courses will remain in Blackboard.
  • Any course scheduled for the Spring 2024 term and starting after January 3, 2024 will be in Canvas.

Canvas Support:

If you encounter any issues during the login process or have questions about the new LMS, you can reach out to or call (619) 260-7900 for assistance.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this transition. We believe that Canvas will significantly improve your learning experience and provide you with the tools you need to succeed academically.

USD Faculty

If you will be teaching in the Spring 2024 semester, pleaseconfigure your course(s) in Canvas ASAP. See information below on course access, training, and student resources in the Canvas Learning Management System.

Accessing Canvas and Your Courses

To access Canvas, go tocanvas.sandiego.eduand log in using your USDOne credentials. In your Canvas dashboard, you will find:

  • Spring Course(s):If you're registered for a Spring 2024 course in Banner, they are accessible on Canvas.
  • Blackboard Archive:The course(s) you taught in Blackboard in the last year (Fall 2022 to Summer 2023) have been imported to Canvas for your access. Most Fall 23 courses taught in Blackboard will be imported to Canvas by 1/4/24.
  • Sandbox Course:Experiment with content, fine-tune settings, and test custom navigations in this unstructured course (replicable in future terms as needed).

Preparing Your Course for Spring '24 Launch

Use theUSD Blackboard to Canvas Import Guideto help you build your course in your sandbox course or if you wish to modify the content that was imported from Blackboard. Based on faculty feedback,you can expect to spend an average of an additional 4-8 hours in preparing your course, depending on the complexity of your content. View theQuick Start to Canvas Course Designvideo (10:14) on how to design your courses and use our templates.

Please note: You no longer need to request ITS to merge your courses. Learn how to cross-list your courses in Canvas using thisjob aid.

Canvas Faculty Training

The Learning Design Center (LDC) is facilitating Canvas training sessions, which are availablein-person, via Zoom, and asynchronously. Register for any of those

  • Canvas Basics:An introductory session on course setup including Zoom and Panopto.
  • Canvas Plus:Learn more about Canvas's advanced features for customizing course navigation. In addition to workflows for Ally, eTextbooks and Turnitin.
  • Canvas Gradebook:Training on grading and setting up your gradebook and providing robust feedback on assessments.
  • Canvas Boot Camp:on-site drop in hours during November, December, and January.
  • Growing With Canvas:this self-paced online course covers comprehensive course design. Links to tutorials and resources are provided as well as optional practice activities to try out in your Sandbox or course shell.Self-enrollto access the asynchronous course (you will be directed to login first to Canvas).
  • Additional integrated technologies:Ally, Gradescope, Turnitin, and VitalSource.

Additional Canvas Resources

  • Check out theLDC Faculty Support Centerfor Canvas support materials specifically created and curated for USD Faculty.
  • Browse the CanvasFaculty Training Portalfor various resources.
  • Refer to the comprehensiveCanvas Instructor Guideand theCanvas Communityfor tutorials and step-by-step guides.
  • Schedule aOne-on-One Consultation: 30-minute personal virtual sessions with LDC Instructional Support. Additionally, on-demand phone and email support is provided.
  • USD-branded course templates are available for import in Canvas Commons.

Student Information and Self-Guided Resources

  • Students can watch thisCanvas Overviewvideo (3:30; Closed Captioned) to get started on navigating Canvas or access additional CanvasGetting Started Videosto learn more.
  • Students can visit USD'sCanvas Student Resourcespage for answers to FAQs and links to resources.
  • Students can bookmark theCanvas Student Guide: Canvas' topics-based website which has numerous questions and answers for students from submitting assignments to setting up notifications.

Important Dates

  • Intersession '24courses will still use Blackboard.
  • Spring '24semester courses will be availableonly in Canvas(based on your program's course start date). Students will have access to courses as early as 5 days before the course start date as long as the instructor publishes the course.
  • Blackboard accesswill cease on 6/30/24.

For further inquiries please go


Learning Design Center

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Canvas Launching Spring 2024 (2024)


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